FAQs Page

1. People usually say that abductions are caused by strangers. Is this true?

No, this isn’t the usual scenario. The truth is actually that child abductions are more usually done by people who are familiar to the kids. Far more common are children who have run away, have gotten lost or injured, have been taken by a family member (usually in a custody dispute) or simply aren’t where they’re expected to be because of a miscommunication.

2. Are parents always to blame when their child goes missing?

While the parent does have to suffer some of the blame for when their child goes missing, not all of the blame must be placed upon his or her shoulders. Actually, children go missing for many other reasons. One other reason is poverty. There might be the promise of dreams coming true somewhere else, which then entices the child to leave home, but often resulting to a tragic disappearance.

3. Will getting gadgets for my child help in preventing abductions?

Yes, there is some truth to this. Children as young as 10 have cell phones nowadays. You give it to them so they can have fun, but don’t let the chance to use it to protect them slip away. Always remind your child to contact you if they feel like they’re in harm’s way. Teach them hotline numbers, whom to ask help from when they feel lost.

4. Can I hire someone else apart from the police to help me look for my child?

Yes, by all means. You can hire a private investigator. Private investigators are a supplement of police. While police are working hard to find your missing or lost child, you also need to do something instead of waiting without doing anything. With attractive payment, your private investigators will spare no effort to find your missing child.

5. What sort of treatment can be good for me, as a parent with a missing child?

First of all, never forget to eat and sleep. Your body needs food and sleep in order to endure this ordeal. Although eating and sleeping may seem incredibly difficult, you must try. If eating regular meals feels like too much of a drain or if it brings back painful memories of your child, change your meal times and locations.

6. Is it impossible to locate a missing child?

No, while it might feel that way, you must never lose hope.